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MasterCard Credit Agreement


  1. The Credit Limit subject to credit bureau report.
  2. No Grace Period.
  3. The interest rate will be from 7.9% to 13.9% (Interest Rate and Credit Limit  will be based on your Credit Score)
  4. Applicant must be employed by The Laredo Fire Department to be eligable.
  5. Card will be subject to employment.
  6. If members is delinquent for 2 months in a row or 3 times during the year, credit limit will be cut to 1/2 (half) until he is able to bring it back up, and his Credit Union privilegeswill be suspended, until delinquent is resolved.
  7. The minimum payment will be $25.00 or 5% of balance.
  8. Spouse and children will fall on the same account.
  9. If a member looses card he must report it to Town North Bank and to Credit Union.
  10. Members who are 120 days or 4 cycles delinquent the interest rate will automatically be adjusted to 13.9%
  11. Members in delinquent status must be in a Non-Delinquent status for 1 cycle or 30 days before returning to standard APR. 


Debit Card Program

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