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Complaint Policy



Federal Credit Union Complaints



Laws that NCUA Enforces: 



If you have a complaint regarding the regulation of your Federal Credit Union, you may file a formal complaint by sending us a letter - no special form is required - to the NCUA regional office for your state listed below. 


Before you contact us, please contact the credit union to attempt to correct the problem. You can do this over the phone, in person or in writing. If you believe the credit union's staff is unresponsive to your inquiry or complaint, address your concerns in writing to the president or chief executive officer of the credit union or the credit unions supervisory committee. 


Your Letter, Fax, or E-mail should Identify: 



§   The full name and address of the credit union 


§   A clear explanation of your problem 


§   A brief description of what action you want the credit union to take to resolve the problem  


§   Legible photocopies of supporting documentation (if you have it) Do not send us your original statements or other documents.  

§   A copy of any written correspondence you have already had with the federal credit union regarding the issue at hand and any reply that you received 


Be sure to include your name and postal address in the letter, fax or email. 



Once NCUA receives your written complaint: 



- We will acknowledge its receipt 


- log it into our records 


- a sk the credit unions supervisory committees to conduct an investigation.


- W e ask the supervisory committee to reply directly to you, or delegate staff to reply, and send a copy to us.



How long does it take? 


The process generally takes from two to six weeks. Depending on the credit union's response or the type of complaint, we may take additional steps or use a different approach. If we do, we will notify you in writing.


Please note: 



NCUA cannot represent consumers in settling claims or recovering damages. However, if your complaint brings a violation to our attention, we will take steps to ensure the federal credit union complies with applicable laws and regulations. 


As a regulator, NCUA does not own, operate or control credit unions, nor do we establish their operating policies and procedures. We do not have the authority to overturn individual lending decisions made by credit unions. We also cannot dictate the range of services they offer. NCUA cannot offer legal or accounting assistance. 


Complaints caused by error or misunderstanding are often resolved voluntarily by the credit union. However, many complaints stem from factual or contractual disputes between the federal credit union and the member. If you and the credit union are unable to reach a mutually agreeable settlement in such a situation, only a court of law can impose a remedy and award damages. We recommend you consult an attorney for guidance if you want to consider pursuing a legal remedy. 





 1.    Complainant 




(Complainant's Full Name)  



( Complainant's Full Address: Include City/Town, Province and Postal Code) (Home Telephone Number) (Work Telephone Number)  



Complaint Information 


2.    Name, Address and Telephone Number of Credit Union:

 Name of Manager

Complaint is regarding

_ Account_ Financing Agreemen

_ Investment_ Othe


3.  If your complaint is regarding an account, financing agreement, or investment complete the following


Account Number(s)Type of Account(s)


Type of Financing Agreement:

Type ofInvestment: 




For Office Use Only: 

Consumer Number:                            



4.  Have you discussed your complaint with a staff member and/or the manager of the credit union

_ Y es _ No  


If yes, indicate the name of the person you spoke to, the date and the details of the discussion


5.  Attach copies of your account statements and/or financial agreement (if applicable)and copies of any correspondence or other papers in your possession which maybe of assistance, including any letter(s) you may have sent to or received from the credit union




6.  Provide a brief description of your complaint including relevant dates.(If more space is needed, attach. 






7.  What do you consider to be a fair resolution of your complaint? 





8.Name, Address and Telephone Number of contact person, if other than complainant(Include: name and address in full and a day time telephone number) 






9.  Have you completed #s 1 to 8 of this form and attached the documentation required in #5





Authorization Form - Disclosure of Information – Important Notice 

1.  The following is an authorization form that allows the Registrar of Credit Unions to use and disclose your personal information to particular persons and entities. Please read it over carefully. If you have any questions about this form, please call or write to the address and telephone number indicated on the front of the complaint form. 




2.  The information on the complaint form is being collected by the Registrar of Credit Unions under the authority of The Credit Union Act, 1998.By signing this form, you are consenting to the Registrar and those members of the public service of Saskatchewan employed in the office of the Registrar to use and disclose the personal information contained in the complaint form and any additional information that you supply as follows: 


_ For the purpose of administering and enforcing The Credit Union Act,1998

_ For the purpose of investigating and resolving your complaint; an

_ For any ot her purpose for which the information was obtained or for a use consistent with that purpose. 




3.  In particular, you are consenting to the use and disclosure of the personal information you have provided to the following persons or entities


_ The creditunion with whom you have the complaint; 

_ Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan

_ Government ministries; 

_ Self-regulatory agencies or associations

_ Deposit insurance providers (such as Credit Union Deposit Guarantee     Corporation and Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation)

_ Law enforcement agencies; 

_ Agents or brokers related to your complaint; 

_ Your employer, if your complaint involves your employer. 


4.  If there are persons or entities listed in clause 3 above, which you do not wish us to disclose personal information to, please list those persons or entities below

I hereby authorize the Registrar of Credit Unions to use and disclose the information I have submitted about my complaint to the persons and entities listed in clause 3, as required. I havnot consented to the disclosure of personal information to the specific persons and entities listed in clause 4 (if any)


Date Complainant's Signature  




Signature of Individual Completing Form (if other than Complainant) 





Please note that if you are submitting this complaint form on behalf of a complainant, the complainant must sign this authorization form. 


Return your completed,signed complaint form and authorization form by facsimile, mail, or hand delivery to the Financial Institutions Division at the address indicated on the top of the complaint form. 



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